Fucks friend's wife and cums in her hairy vagina

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It’s not like a woman was his best friend’s wife. Not long ago, they crossed paths at a party and there was a relationship between a single man and a married woman. Now that a woman has time, she goes to a bachelor and has sex with him. The man films the sex process, arguing that the woman rarely comes and he has no other mistress, and he will watch her fuck and jerk off. For a woman, it seemed convincing, but she’s still too shy to fuck in front of the camera. But one day, after having sex again, a man cum on a woman’s hairy pussy like he always does, and she didn’t wash well. When the woman came home, she had a habit of having sex with her husband, and he was doing a cunnilingus by scent or somehow determined that the wife had fucked someone recently. What happened next is none of our business...

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